• Keep It Local Arizona (KILA)

    Welcome to Keep It Local Arizona, where we believe in giving back to the local communities all over the great state of Arizona. And your local business owners believe in giving something back to you too. We want you to save money and stretch your hard earned dollar as far as you can and the Keep It Local Arizona Discount Card can help you do just that. You could save thousands of dollars using your Keep It Local Arizona Discount Card.

    What is Keep It Local Arizona?

    Keep It Local Arizona Discount Cards offer outstanding deals in your local community, from local businesses. What you’ll find are fabulous deals, from local merchants that aren’t offered anywhere else. Great Businesses Are Right Here. Buy Local.

    Keep It Local Arizona Discount Card’s are NOT those paper cards where you have to shop 12 times in order to get a discount on the 13th trip. You don’t have to get it stamped or punched. They are not the cards that have 12 local businesses on the back offering you 10% off either. Heck, you could probably get that by just asking for it.

    Keep It Local Arizona represents a real value and introduces you to new stores, restaurants, entertainment and services that you may have heard of, thought about trying, but never did. Depending on the size of your community, Keep It Local Arizona Discount Cards may have 25, 50, 100, 250 or more great discounts from the local businesses you know and love and many businesses you’ve been hearing about but never got around to visiting. We even have offers from businesses you never knew existed in your community. The diner on main street that is supposed to make a killer omelet, the hairstylist you love to share your secrets with, the tire store that gave your brother a great price for all four last weekend, the carpet cleaner who did that extra area in your mom’s closet for free the last time they were there or that fancy new Italian place you’ve been dying to try. NOW YOU CAN! Try them all, that is… with YOUR Keep It Local Arizona Discount Card.

    You’ll find offers like a free 2 day pass to the Karate dojo downtown, great deals like 40% off from the local dry cleaner, 25% off from your local auto parts store, a buy one perm and get a free color on your next visit offer for that new hair salon you’ve been dying to try and a 2 for 1 offer from that great little pizza joint you went to once a long time ago. Things that you really want to use.

    All the businesses on your Keep It Local Arizona Discount Card are normally located within a 10 mile radius of where you purchased it. You won’t have to trek all the way across town or out of town to try the great offers from local merchants. Many are local to where you live, work or where you got your Keep It Local Arizona Discount Card. AND… if you do travel, you’ll find unbelievable deals almost anywhere you go in Arizona. Keep It Local Arizona Discount Cards are good anywhere you see our logo.

    We Believe in Giving Back!

    Keep It Local Arizona Discount Cards are sold through local schools, churches, non-profits and for great causes. They offer at least 25 discounts from local business owners who want to help their local community and hundreds of other offers from other locations all over Arizona. When you purchase a Keep It Local Arizona Discount Card you’ll get thousands of dollars in savings as well as a good feeling knowing that local charities and causes will be supported by your purchase.



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  • What KILA WILL do for YOUR Business?

    First and foremost, adding your business to Keep It Local Arizona Discount Cards is a smart move for local businesses. You NEVER have to pay outrageous prices to be part of your local Keep It Local Arizona Discount Card. It only costs $99 per year.. We connect local businesses to local residents at affordable costs. Start by Going Here.

    What can the Keep It Local Arizona Discount Card do for YOUR Business?

    • It will attract new customers who don’t know about your business.
    • It will attract new residents from the community when they are most likely to be looking for your product of service.
    • It will bring back old customers that may have gone to your competitor.
    • It will build traffic to your brick and mortar store or your online store making it more likely that the customer will make impulse buys.
    • It will earn you additional money on related items. If you offer a free pizza on dine in only don’t you think the customer(s) would buy drinks, maybe a salad, wings or a dessert?
    • It will give you the chance to upsell products or services to go along with your special offer.
    • It will pull shoppers away from your competitor when your offer is a great one like, “Free Medium 2 Topping Pizza – no purchase necessary”, “free hair cut to first time customers” or “free basic car wash”.
    • It will remind infrequent customers to come back.
    • It will reward your loyal customers and turn them in to an ambassador for your business.
    • It will measure your ads success rate. Your offer tells you if the promotion was a winner or a bomb.

    83% of consumers search online for local businesses when they need products or services.


  • This Sounds Too Good to be True

    We hear that a lot. It’s because not many people in business are used to getting a great deal for their advertising dollars.

    It’s not uncommon to see companies charging $299, $499, $799 or over $1,000 to get on their cards that are usually limited to 10-15 businesses.

    Keep It Local Arizona’s concept is the TOTAL OPPOSITE of that… here’s why what we are offering is really not too good to be true…

    • We offer every business in our local area affordable advertising in the form of a discount card.
    • Each discount card is sold through schools, churches, non-profits and local causes for only $10 each.
    • Customers not only get to use the Keep It Local Arizona Discount Card locally with their favorite merchants but they can also use them all over Arizona when they are traveling for business or pleasure because local businesses everywhere can participate.

    It’s a win for you, the business owner. You get to attract new customers and repeat customers. It’s a win for the cause – they raise much needed funds. And a win for the local customer who gets the fabulous discount you give them.

    Your business will NEVER pay outrageous prices to be a part of the Keep It Local Arizona Discount Card.

    Your offer will be seen by residents in your local area who purchased the card to support the local cause.

    Your offer needs to be inciting enough to get them to come to you or call you. We’d like all our merchant offers to be worth at least 25% off OR BETTER to make Keep It Local Arizona Discount Cards extremely valuable and therefore something that local residents would want to purchase and use often.

    And if you know other business owners that would benefit from being on the Keep It Local Arizona Discount Card, have them fill out the form, call (520.858.9201) or email (angela@keepitlocalarizona.com) today.