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02-pink zebraWe all know some who is in Direct Sales. Your mom might sell Avon, your best friend invited you to her party for Pink Zebra or maybe someone mentioned LegalShield to you at work. These are all Direct Sales companies which means they market and sell products directly to consumers and normally they do not have a brick and mortar store. Peddling is the oldest form of direct selling. Modern direct selling includes sales made through party plans, one-on-one demonstrations, and other personal contact as well as Internet sales. A textbook definition is: “The direct personal presentation, demonstration, and sale of products and services to consumers, usually in their homes or at their jobs.”

According to the World Federation of Direct Selling Associations (WFDSA), consumers benefit from direct selling because of the convenience and service it provides, including personal demonstration and explanation of products, home delivery, and generous satisfaction guarantees. In contrast to franchising, the cost for an individual to start an independent direct selling business is typically very low with little or no required inventory or other cash commitments to begin.

Direct selling should not be confused with direct marketing. Direct selling is all about the individual sales agents reaching and dealing directly with clients. Direct marketing is about business and non-profit organizations seeking a relationship with their customers without going through an agent/consultant or retail outlet. Direct selling often, but not always, uses multi-level marketing (salesperson is paid for selling and for sales made by people he recruits or sponsors) rather than single-level marketing (salesperson is paid only for the sales he makes himself).

DirectSalesStats dsa-stats

Annual revenue from direct sales companies in the United States, depending on what statistics you use, average between 34.5 billions and 42 billion dollars (see graphs). No matter which one you believe, one thing is for certain, it’s an industry on the rise.

And it comes as no surprise that the majority of consultants are women, many of them moms.


In this column we will share information on direct sales companies that you may be interested in or tell you about some you may never have heard of.

Let’s get started.

Our first company is one that many people have heard of called Pink Zebra:


Directly from their site, Candles, Sprinkles, Reeds, Simmer Pots and More. It’s all about the fragrance, right?! So, we have focused the Pink Zebra collection all around it, and creating high quality fragrances options that you can control, afford and enjoy in many ways, at any time, and anywhere is the goal for Pink Zebra products.

Pink Zebra offers “Quality You Can Trust: Candles, Consultants and Company 100% Guarantee” Their policy is to guarantee every product they sell 100%. If you are not fully satisfied with your purchase, they will be happy to replace it.

Gourmet scents Pink Zebra offers include: sprinkles2

  • Banana Pudding – NEW!
  • Cake Batter
  • Mom’s Lemon Bars
  • Ooey Gooey Caramel
  • Root Beer Barrel (New)
  • Paisley’s Punch
  • Mountain Spring
  • Oak & Bourbon
  • 50 more and new scents coming out often.

These scents start at around $8 for a 3.75 oz Jar of Sprinkles.

They also offers Simmer Pots, Glimmer Candles, Simmering Lights, Hand Lotion, Hand Soap, Reed Diffusers and other accessories.

FUNDRAISING: GIVING NEVER SMELLED SO GOOD!Along with your happy customers, you and your organization will be happy because of the great profit Pink Zebra’s fundraiser program will bring you. With Pink Zebra you can earn 40% on every product sold on higher dollar products. Since the products are priced just right, the customer will want to buy multiple fragrances.

Pink Zebra products are made in America.

Pink Zebra also offers Health Benefits for Qualified Consultants. As a Pink Zebra Consultant, you have access to the following:

  1. Group guaranteed issue supplemental insurance – Help with high deductibles, accidents, dental/vision etc.
  2. Group guaranteed issue fixed indemnity health insurance with no deductible – underwritten by a worldwide A-rated insurer.
  3. Individual major medical – ACA qualifed.
  4. Individual life insurance – Options from over 40 carriers.

Becoming a consultant for Pink Zebra is inexpensive at just $99 for their Standard Kit and $199 for their Deluxe Kit.

Contact your local Pink Zebra consultant, Leslie Johnson, today at (480) 318-4890. (Go to Google, type in Pink Zebra and you’ll find Leslie there.)

pink-zebra_lesliePaisley Pink has been the official mascot of Pink Zebra Home since May 2011 according to their Facebook page. Each month she picks a fragrance of the month.

Paisley’s July Pick is Ice Cream Sandwich. There’s nothing quite like the decadent treat of a cold ice cream sandwich on a hot day! Especially in Arizona.

Direct Sales Do You Well – Pink Zebra

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