Hot, New Fireworks for 2015

santanfireworks_hot-newWinda, one of “the best fireworks manufacturers” according to Jason Colt, owner of, has some great new products for 2015.

They include, Blue on Blue (watch a video here) and our personal favorite, BALLERINA’S BALL – Winda Fireworks – P3085.

Last a full minute or more, this rotating fountain starts with silver chrysanthemum, golden pines in the middle to a huge tall spinning red silver fountain. The finale finish of huge full bursting of silver chrysanthemums will amaze young and old alike! Please stand back for this magnificent display (and all fireworks for that matter), especially near the end.

This reminds me of a real Aeriel display, only on the ground. Watch the video and then go visit any one of the 29 locations around the valley, three in San Tan Valley alone.


Hot, New Fireworks for 2015

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