Tips to Make Family Summer Excursions a Breeze

(StatePoint) Shuttling the family from place to place is hard enough on a typical day, but when you are out of town for a summer trip or even just out for the day, keeping your ducks in a row can be even more challenging.

Here a few ways to make your excursions this summer a total breeze.

  • Use mapping technology to plan your route ahead of time — but be flexible. Smartphone apps that update in real time can keep you informed about road closures, bumper-to-bumper traffic and other road trip snafus to minimize your stress on the road.
  • While you may need only your thoughts to keep you occupied, don’t forget to pack plenty of diversions for the kids. Book, toys and games will help keep the tired phrase “are we there yet?” at bay on road trips and keep kids entertained.
  • There`s nothing quite as annoying as watching your smartphone’s battery slowly dwindle down, especially when you need it most. Look for a combination AC adapter and travel battery charger in one, such as Panasonic`s new QE-AL102K and QE-AL201K, which wrap the two into a hybrid mobile charger that can keep you juiced even when you are nowhere near an outlet.
  • If you are going on a lengthy road trip, get your car inspected before departing. Be sure your car is equipped with a spare tire and the basic tools needed to handle common roadside issues.
  • Take your family’s dietary restrictions into consideration when you are traveling somewhere new. Will there be menu options for finicky eaters? Some research ahead of time can save you time when the kids are fussing. If need be, don’t forget a bagged lunch for the road in a cooler, along with favorite snacks and drinks.

When you are on the go this summer, have fun with confidence. Don’t leave home without the tools, technology and knowledge you need to enjoy the experience.

Tips to Make Family Summer Excursions a Breeze

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