The Fatal Epidemic That No One Is Talking About

Excerpted from BarkPost.

The first ever mental health survey for veterinarians revealed that one in six of them have contemplated suicide. A recent study by the American Journal of Preventive Medicine reveals that animal rescue workers have a suicide rate of 5.3 in 1 million workers. This is the highest suicide rate among American workers; a rate shared only by firefighters and police officers. The national average suicide average for American workers is 1.5 per 1 million.

Jessica Dolce, a Certified Compassion Fatigue Educator, says,

“Compassion fatigue is an occupational hazard of our work with animals, whether you are an animal control officer or kennel attendant in a small town or an internationally recognized veterinarian. Our work requires that we compassionately and effectively respond to the constant demand to be helping to those who are suffering and in need.”

Yet, no one is discussing this very real and very prevalent epidemic. Perhaps that is because we think of animal care as more practical than emotional.

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The Fatal Epidemic That No One Is Talking About

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