Pinal Pups, A Volunteer Shares

These observations are a snap-shot of a shelter dog’s personality. It is the responsibility of individuals and organizations to do their own evaluations.

Gallum-A161892Gallum – A161892 is a 3 yo, male, Pit Bull Terrier mix. He has a confident and friendly disposition. Gallum sits on command, is eager-to-please and is responsive to leash corrections. He has a lean and strong body and will most likely be the a great partner to hike or run with. Gallum kennels alone. Arrival date: 10/23/14







Buckley-A164737Buckley – A164737 is a 1 yo, male, Pit Bull Terrier mix. He can be a bit timid, but is always sweet,eager-to-please and is quite the snuggle-bunny. With a little guidance, he breaks away from his shyness and gives you a peek into his happy, puppy self. Buckley kennels with another dog. Arrival date: 1/28/15







Mor-A164853 “Brothers” Mor – A164853 and Wilbur – A164852 are 2 yo, male, Pit Bull Terrier mixes with similar personalities. Both are very loving, affectionate and submissive gentlemen. Wilbur and Mor show a desire to be more expressive and frisky, but can be a little insecure in the shelter environment and they prefer to be given a good belly rub or simply ‘cop a squat’ on your lap. Mor and Wilbur kennel together. Arrival date: 2/1/15 Wilbur-A164852







Laka-A164858Laka – A164858 is a 2 yo, male, Cattle Dog mix. Laka has a huge personality. He’s a brainiac and can be very amusing. Laka is treat motivated and will happily show off his ‘sit’ and ‘shake’ talents. Laka kennels with another dog. Arrival date: 2/2/15


Pinal Pups, A Volunteer Shares

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