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  • Inside PCSO – A photo story

    This month, we have an array of photos from the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office, courtesy of Sheriff Paul Babeu and Mark Clark, PIO for PCSO. Next month, you’ll get an inside look into PCSO and hear from the people in the know.


  • What’s the Dish? – Valentino’s Eatery

    Valentino’s Eatery – “Authentic Italian Cuisine in the Southeast Valley”

    valintinos In Anthem, just off Hunt Hwy and to the left of Safeway, is a fabulous Italian restaurant I discovered thanks to Jeffrey Kramer, Food Connoisseur and Reviewer from Kahuna Cafe – http://kahunacafe.blogspot.com

    When I walked in I saw a beautifully decorated dining room with 2 and 4 top tables with classy glass place settings and white table clothes. About 9 of the 15 or so tables were full of people talking and laughing and they all looked like they were really enjoying their food. It’s a place where you can wear casual clothes or dress up, it all depends on how you feel. You’ll fit in either way.

    There was a short wait because when you first walk in, if the greeter is seating folks, there is no way for them or the servers to see you right away because the wall into the dining room is jutted out a little and there is no clear view from the dining room to the door or vice versa. I took a quick step to the left and one of the staff saw me right away and came to seat me. [Read More…]

  • Are YOU Ready For Monsoon Season?

    lightning_desertExtreme heat, lightning, dust storms (“Haboob’s”), thunderstorms, wildfires, downburst winds and flash floods are a recipe for danger. Combine these seven weather events and you have the making of Monsoon thunderstorms in Arizona.

    Starting on June 15th and lasting through September 30th “The Monsoon Season” is a period of extreme heat in the beginning followed by an inundation of moisture that leads into thunderstorms. Arizona gets a third of our annual rainfall during Monsoon season. [Read More…]