• Road Rules for Food Safety

    By Kristina Beaugh, MPH, Food Safety Education Staff, Food Safety and Inspection Service, USDA

    Planning for Your Summer Road Trip

    summer-road-trip-foodSchool’s out, bags are packed, and the car is fueled up. You’ve turned off the coffee pot, left a key for the cat sitter, and taken out the trash. Time to hit the road for a family vacation! But are you forgetting anything? Like many families, you are probably taking along food to save money and time on the road. But make sure this food is stored properly. Otherwise, your family vacation could be ruined by an unwanted case of food poisoning. Use these guidelines to be sure you and your family are food safe for the next road trip. [Read More…]

  • Summer Road Trip Tips

    By Geoff Spencer

    Summer is the time of year people pack their bags, load up the family, and find somewhere to beat the heat! Awareness of your vehicles condition is very important and can be the difference between a fun vacation and no vacation. To ensure a safe and hassle free trip, your automobile should be well maintained, thoroughly inspected, and monitored throughout your trip. After these steps have been made you will have the peace of mind and confidence that your transportation will reliably deliver you and your occupants to your summer destination.
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  • Tips to Make Family Summer Excursions a Breeze

    (StatePoint) Shuttling the family from place to place is hard enough on a typical day, but when you are out of town for a summer trip or even just out for the day, keeping your ducks in a row can be even more challenging.

    Here a few ways to make your excursions this summer a total breeze.

    • Use mapping technology to plan your route ahead of time — but be flexible. Smartphone apps that update in real time can keep you informed about road closures, bumper-to-bumper traffic and other road trip snafus to minimize your stress on the road.
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