• Are YOU Ready For Monsoon Season?

    lightning_desertExtreme heat, lightning, dust storms (“Haboob’s”), thunderstorms, wildfires, downburst winds and flash floods are a recipe for danger. Combine these seven weather events and you have the making of Monsoon thunderstorms in Arizona.

    Starting on June 15th and lasting through September 30th “The Monsoon Season” is a period of extreme heat in the beginning followed by an inundation of moisture that leads into thunderstorms. Arizona gets a third of our annual rainfall during Monsoon season. [Read More…]

  • Pull Aside, Stay Alive This Monsoon Season

    pullasideDrivers are reminded to ‘Pull Aside, Stay Alive’ this monsoon season.

    ADOT’s public awareness campaign asks motorists if they will know what to do in a dust storm as Monsoon Awareness Week begins

    Where will you be when the dust settles? [Read More…]