Keep It Local Arizona’s Mission

Our mission is to promote the concept of “community” and “shopping locally” while “saving on the things you need and want”.


“Keep It Local Arizona” works within the communities we serve to offer discount cards of great value to local residents, connecting them directly with local businesses and Keep It Local Arizona always works with one or more non-profit, school or church fundraisers to support local causes.

Shopping Locally

“Keep It Local Arizona” discount cards are for anyone looking for discounts on everyday products and services. It’s for consumers that want to support their local businesses and for local businesses that want too show residents they are there for them in good times and tough times.

Today’s economy and prices make it difficult for a growing percentage of consumers to have the purchasing power they had 5 years ago so they forgo the name brand products for store brands; they don’t get their carpets cleaned as often as they used to; they cut back on how often they eat out or just don’t eat out at all. Large families may not be able to afford to “eat out” because of the increase in food prices causing higher meal cost in restaurants.

Businesses recognizing the issues that their local customers face know that “Keep It Local Arizona” is a way to ease this pain on their wallet a little bit.

Saving on the Things YOU Need and Want

Local business owners want new customers but it’s difficult to get them for the reasons listed above. “Keep It Local Arizona” helps local businesses and consumers find a middle ground where they each get what they want at a price that makes sense to them both.